We first opened our Lake Forest doors back in 2008, since then, we’ve built up a team of passionate and dedicated brains, who put their knowledge and experience to the test with every client undertaken. Through a wide range of services, such as formula creation, testing, filling, blending, labeling, and shipping we’ve been satisfying our customers by fulfilling all of our clients needs under one roof.

service oriented

What formerly stood for “Small,” has since needed to change as it is no longer the case. Our ever growing agency services a multitude of clientele, with a focus on the beauty, cosmetics, and hygiene industries. Due to our size, big decisions are simply a phone call away, we remain very concentrated on the customers that we have the privilege of serving.

different from the rest

We are an in-house agency. We design, formulate, package, and ship all of our products in our top of the line labs and factories. With over 120,000 sq ft and multiple companies at our disposal, there is no task that we are not perfect for.

better than others

Not only are we your turnkey solution in the contract packaging industry, but we are also innovators. We continuously are looking to learn, develop, and create the product of the future to give our customers a competitive edge over their competition.